“Winnie Au is a talented and dedicated yoga instructor. She conveys her enthusiasm and knowledge by instructing a very vigorous and rigorous class. Her classes emphasize the steps involved in allowing the body to successfully do the completed asanas. She has helped my body do things it couldn’t do before.” –Douglas Chavis

“Winnie’s teaching takes into account each student’s condition, abilities, and needs. She inspires me to do more and better in every class, while making sure that I do not go over the edge to prevent any injury. It is always an inspiration, a welcome challenge, and an opportunity to grow.” –Marina Marton

“Winnie is an excellent yoga instructor who I’ve learned from for the past 10 years. For the first six years, I took Winnie’s group classes. And for the last four years, I’ve taken individual classes with Winnie once a week to address a medical issue. Yoga has been key to the stability of the condition. I am so pleased with the results! Winnie knows her students, understands their needs, and teaches accordingly while introducing additional and effective postures to advance one’s practice. For me, Winnie has been invaluable in supporting my health.” –Steve Tiber

“I have severe scoliosis and working with Winnie has added strength and flexibility to my body and probably years to my life! She has an intense but fun style and is highly knowledgeable and caring. Every session with Winnie helps you to become your best self. If you want to learn and benefit from Iyengar Yoga, there is no one better”. –RK

Winnie’s commitment and enthusiasm for Iyengar yoga is boundless and infectious. She take me to places in asana that I never thought I would be able to go. Though it is a long trek home from Tenleytown, I push myself to go to class even if I am tired or not at my best. I always feel better in body and soul afterwards, and never fail to bring home some piece of new learning or progress.” –Kimberly Koons

“I run marathons, play softball and climb mountains and at 56, have been lucky to never have had an injury, just normal stiffness and soreness. But it’s not really luck, it’s because I have taken Winnie Au’s yoga class almost every week for almost twenty years. Winnie’s style of teaching is the antidote to all the stress I put on my body. Her classes are very challenging and they keep me healthy.” –Jeff Kempic

“I have been taking classes with Winnie for over 5 years. She is an excellent teacher with unique qualities that cannot be found elsewhere in the Washington DC area. She has a wealth of experience from many years of studying with the Iyengar family in India, her own dedicated practice, and natural talent. Her keen observational skills and continuous studies with emphasis on therapeutic applications of yoga make her exceptionally qualified to teach students with different conditions. On a personal level, she is honest, sincere and compassionate. I highly recommend Winnie to everyone who wants to have an authentic yoga experience.” –Natalya Merezhinskaya

“I remember when Winnie and I had yoga mats next to each other at our local Iyengar Yoga studio over a decade ago. She was never satisfied with just attending class. She made sure she had time for her home practice in her quest to reach higher levels of knowledge and understanding. She frequently sought advice from other Iyengar instructors. And she regularly studies directly at the source in Pune, India which is the home of the Iyengar Institute founded by B.K.S. Iyengar. Her hard work and dedication was rewarded when she was certified by the Iyengar Institute as a Highest Level Instructor at the very birth place of Iyengar Yoga.” –Galina Livchits

“Winnie is a no-nonsense yoga teacher.  Do not expect to be coddled, but do expect to be led through thoughtfully crafted classes structured to increase body awareness and improve student’s practices.  Winnie guidance consistently provides me new physical instructions to focus on.  I leave her classes tired, satisfied and looking forward to the next week.”   -Nancy Hersh

“Winnie Au’s yoga instructions are thorough, precise, informed, demanding and resulting in a feeling of most pleasant well being.”   -Monika Holmgren

“Compassionate, precise, empowering and result oriented. Winnie teaches with a purpose wanting her students to go above and beyond their ability. She is constantly working on her own skills to keep passing down the preciseness to her students by training several times a year in India, USA and Europe. I have been fortunate to work with Winnie for the last 7 years, by attending her classes twice a week. I had two major injuries in the last 3 years. They were caused by a car accident. Winnie not only helped me strengthen and heal my injuries, she didn’t let me feel sorry for myself and set home. Over the last 7 years she has become very intuitive with her students and their needs. At the same time I can say with certainty that in the 7 years of going to her I have never felt bored or stuck in same old same. She never fails to surprise me with my own body and what it can do. To say she’s the best teacher is an understatement, she is like none other.”   -Gulsanga Jalawan

“Winnie is a dedicated and serious teacher whose classes are intense and rigorous.  You will be challenged and learn a lot.”   –Janet James

“Winnie is a caring, very professional yoga instructor who is a demanding, challenging instructor while balancing concern for our safety and individual needs and makes sure we understand and perform the poses correctly.”   -Ann Breen  (74-year-old student practicing with Winnie for 8 years!)

“I have been practicing yoga with Winnie for just over a year.  She is very tough and has pushed me to do more than I ever thought I would be capable of doing.  At the same time, she is kind and caring and readily makes adjustments to accommodate her students’ individual physical frailties.  We are a group of “mature” students – average age is 81 – and Winnie’s passion for and dedication to yoga is an inspiration for all of us.”   -Helen Kenney

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